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Anatomical Models, Medical-Health Education Models

Since 2013, anatomical models, organ models, import models, and models with models of plant and Animal Medical and medical education about what we do. Our model, anatomical models, and medical education Anatomia metamorphosis the brand sales service we provide.


About us

Yenilab laboratory and educational supplies Laboratory equipment was established in 2009 and materials, analysis, and technical school education with chemicals tools and materials, School of materials and experimental anatomical and medical education is a company that aims to provide support and service to you on the model. In proportion to the volume of a growing business, our company has continued to improve itself constantly. Accordingly, also in the first quarter of 2014 has turned from a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company. In this way, the quality of Service and institutionalization increased even more.

Our company as of the year 2013, anatomical models, organ models, medical models and models with models of plant and animal started to import and medical education. Anatomical models, and patient education for the models that are used in the medical industry, we have developed our brand, and our products “Anatomia metamorphosis” with the brand we sell.

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    You can quickly and easily access US. Phone, email or via social networks you can get instant access and can provide a quick turnaround.

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    We would be happy to assist you in accessing tenders. Prepared technical specifications for our products via our website and you can download it to your computer can be accessed easily. You can contact us for further support.

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    Our experience and continued support we're trying to be you with your experience. Feedback we strive to give you the best service and instant solutions. Innovative and self-improvement of our products and we are renewing ourselves constantly with the concept of a team.

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Our Registered Brand

Anatomical training models and model our registered our brand “Anatomia metamorphosis” dir.

Trademark registration referred to by our company in 2017 and has been requested by the Turkish patent Institute certified. Yenilab Ltd. Ltd., use any of these products with brand Anatomia metamorphosis, distribution, sales and reserves the right authorization rights.